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Formula Junior report 11 November 2010

There have been a few things happening in our world with cars crossing the Tasman, races, future events and some car activity.

Last week seven of our FJ cars were packed into two containers bound for Eastern Creek – the cars going are Chris Atkinson (Lotus 20/22), Jim Barclay (Gemini Mk3A), Roger Herrick (Lola Mk2), Paul Halford (Autosud), Nigel Russell (FMZ), Tony Olissoff (Emeryson Elfin) and Neil Tolich (Jocko). There are also a few FJ people (John Rapley, Mike Sexton and possibly John Holmes coming across as support). Eastern Creek is usually a great event with a track reminiscent of Hampton Downs with lots of undulations. There is a good FJ grid with mainly Australian rear engined Juniors plus a couple of Lotus 18s from Japan.

Last Sunday TACCOC held a meeting at Hampton Downs that provided a grid for non-Formula Ford historics. Four FJs turned up – John Holmes (Lotus 18), Ian Garmey (Cooper T56), Rob Williams (Elva) and Michael Herrick (Taraschi). Michael was having his first open wheel drive after the engine on his Cortina GT had expired the previous week. While Michael was getting to grips with having no grip (and loving it) the others had some great dices with the Lotus noticeable for running sweetly all day. These one day TACCOC meetings are a great format with reduced grids and slick organisation. They provide practice plus three 8 lap races in one day so there is as much racing as the standard 2 day meets provide but there is no hanging around waiting and you get a free day to gather more brownie points at home – they deserve more support from the FJ fraternity – and yes, I am on the TACCOC committee.

Just to show there is no bias, HRSCC are holding their renowned and relaxed two day meeting at Taupo on 4/5 December 2010. Here is a background to the meet :