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It was 1968…

It was 1968….

British Prime Minister Harold Wilson backed the campaign for working an extra half hour…without pay;

The Tet Offensive begins in the Viet Nam war;

The 1968 Winter Olympics are held in Grenoble, France;

The Gold Standard is dropped – the US no longer matches each dollar with the equal in gold;

2001: A Space Odyssey is released at the movies, shortly followed by Planet of the Apes; Hair opens on Broadway;

The Wahine grounds with the loss of 53 lives; The last steam passenger train runs in Britain; Boeing rolls out the first 747 for the worlds media;

Saddam Hussein becomes Vice Chairman of the Revolutionary Council in Iraq after a coup;

Mattel introduces the world to Hot Wheels;

Led Zeppelin makes their first live performance; The Beatles release their White Album;

Marcus Gronholm is born; Colin McRae is born; Mika Hakkinen is born; Paul Tracey is born;

Jim Clark is killed (F2 race, Hockenheim), Mike Spence is killed (Indy 500 practice); Jo Schlesser is killed (French GP, Honda RA302),  Ludovico Scarfiotti is killed (hillclimb), Robert F Kennedy is shot; Martin Luther King, Jr is shot dead;

DFV engines were offered to teams other than Lotus for the first time;

Ken Tyrell entered his first cars on the F1 grid; wings are seen for the first time in abundance;

Chris Amon took three poles, Denny Hulme had two victories, and Bruce McLaren took one, at Spa;

Graham Hill took the title, Jackie Stewart in second, and Denny Hulme, third – Bruce took fifth and Amon in tenth;

And then, a new(ish) formula was getting its first showings in the US of A….

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jV7w0kRfO1U&w=420&h=315]

Formula Ford 1968 Styles