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Would you like to get involved as a driver with the Historic Formula Ford Racing division?

First off, you’ll need four basic things:

  • A car which is eligible to race. Cars must be Formula Ford cars first raced prior to 31 December 1989. There are a variety of car makes from this period including Lola, Crossle, Titan, Elden, Dulon, Swift, Van Diemen, Lotus, Merlyn and many others.
  • A current Motorsport New Zealand National Race Drivers Licence
  • Become a member of the Historic Racing and Sports Car Club
  • Safety gear, including Snell approved helmet, FIA of SFI approved 2-layer race suit, boots, gloves and balaclava.

Even before you have the above organised, it is encouraged that you make yourself known to the Historic Formula Ford Racing Co-Ordinator. The Co-Ordinator will help get you in touch with all the right people so that you can enter events, buy cars, buy safety apparel, or even answer technical questions. You can contact the co-ordinator by filling in the form below.

Once you have your car and kit sorted, you will want to enter the events. The majority of events can be entered via www.motorsportentry.com (You will need to register on this site).

At your first event, it is encouraged you should make yourself known to the HFFR Co-Ordinator.

Technical Regulations

You can download the Technical Regulations here:


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