Historic Racing Sports Car Club

October 2009

It is probably an opportune time to remind everyone of the two remaining meetings this year that will cater for Formula Juniors.

On Sunday 6 December HRSCC are holding their annual Taupo meeting on the club circuit. Due to a booking problem the event will only be a one day meeting but a good turnout of FJ cars is expected. As Ian mentioned it may be an opportune time to discuss issues to be raised with MSNZ’s Historic Commission.

The following Sunday (13 December) TACCOC will be holding a one day meeting at the new Hampton Downs circuit – it will probably be the first time for most of us to try out the new racetrack. TACCOC will be running this as a non-compulsory COD event but all entrants will be expected to be Schedule K compliant. With the expected MSNZ manual amendments the Icebreaker debacle is not likely to be repeated.

There has been considerable discussion going on in the UK and Europe regarding non-complying FJ cars. This matter has been simmering for some time with protests lodged at both Monaco and Monza complaining of “modifications” to cars that are outside both the rules and the spirit of FJ racing. There has evidently been huge amounts of money spent on some cars with the result that they are performing better than period to a ridiculous extent. Evidently the recent FJ race at Goodwood featured at least one car that had questionable modifications – rumours of secret fuel and a laptop required to start the car.

The ethos of FJ racing is that the cars should essentially be as they were in period. “Modern” FJ racing is NOT a development class – it is all about exercising these fantastic historic cars with like minded people. It is not about “bending” the rules so a bit more speed can be squeezed out of the car. All of the components of our cars should be kept as they were in period unless there is a very good reason why they should be changed. In general terms, modifications and changes to components cannot be done unless it can be proved that it was done in period.

With the NZFJR we have purposely taken a relaxed approach to policing the class on the basis that the enjoyment of exercising the cars is paramount and officialdom should be minimised. However, this is dependant on all competitors self policing what they are doing to their cars. In order for this to continue please have a good “look” at your car and do everything to ensure it is kept in period form. If anyone is uncertain about a proposed “modification” to their car please come back to me so it can be discussed within the NZFJR before it becomes an issue.

On a lighter note, we welcome Rob Douglas to the class in the ex-Bruce Carter Donford. Rob is a quick driver who has seen the light and moved on from racing a Morgan Plus Eight and he will provide good opposition for the rear engined cars. As Ian mentioned, Grant Clearwater is bringing “home” a Cooper T59 which must have been one of the rarer period Ford engined cars so it should be quick. With the anticipated Lotus 20/22 arrival the rear engined FJ division is getting a boost after the arrival of a number of new front engined cars last year. With our numbers growing we should not be far away from getting out own FJ races (no more dealing with Formula Fords).

See you all at Taupo.