Historic Racing Sports Car Club


Ian Staples (Lola T440) crests the hill before the Dipper, rooster tail trailing him.

Ian Staples (Lola T440) dives into the Dipper

Bent Main (Keram) crests the hill before the Dipper in the wet

Ben Field sets up a high roost in the wet

Rooster tails fly in the wet. Here Dave Silverton (PRS) chases down Mike Hunter (Hawke)

Ben Field (Elden) shows Vic Clarke and Mike Hunter the way

Ron Wilken (Elden) leads Ian Staples (Lola) and Lindsay Porter (Lola T644)

Michael Clark (Crossle) is infront of Ben!!!

Ben Field (Elden Mk 8) leads Michael Clark and Mike Hunter

Dummy grid fills up at Pukekohe

Vic Clarke

Ian queries Tony: “Do we really have to change the gear ratios?….again?”

Dave gets the hard word: “Once you’re done playing with the boys, you have to peel the spuds for dinner”

Mike Creswell contemplates the race ahead

Vic buckles up

Phil readies himself before the race

Vic gets last minute instructions: “Left then right, then right again, then left at the BP….”

The crews take up position

Michael Clark doesn’t agree with the general consensus and wanders off (to sell a horse)

Michael Clark prays to the motor racing gods

Grant Campbell

Bruce McCoy on the dummy grid

All in a row

Jay Esterrer chases down Vic Clarke

Martin Lucas leads Mike Creswell and Mike Lee

Dave, Mike and Harold discuss the latest news

Harold asks Phil to let Mike through on the first corner