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Graeme Dickie, Begg Formula Ford, 191

Graeme Dickie, Begg Formula Ford, #191

2nd Weekend Poll

Following our highly scientific polling system, that would make politicians green with envy, there has been an overwhelmingly positive response to running both weekends at the NZFMR BMW Festival.  The results have been emailed through to the organisers so now it is a case of wait and see what happens.

Registration of Interest

There has been a strong response thus far for registrations of interest to run at the first weekend of the NZFMR BMW Festival, with almost 20 registrations to date.  There are still about ten or so regular drivers to register interest, so please don’t forget to email Jim Barclay to pre-register.  If you haven’t got Jim’s email address, you can find it on the NZFMR website (linked above)