Historic Racing Sports Car Club

Bill Stone Memorial Trophy aka Best in the Rain

It is with honour that we can announce that an old trophy of Bill’s has been donated by Susanne Stone to be awarded at season’s close to the driver voted as Best in the Rain from fellow Formula Ford drivers.  The trophy will be awarded annually (even if it never rains!!) to the driver that demonstrates their abilities in the wet in a manner that Bill would have approved of.

To even the playing field, after the conclusion of any wet weekend, a small poll will be held (on this website) for other drivers to vote on for the driver they feel drove the best in the wet that weekend.  From this poll, drivers will be ranked, and the process repeated at later races / weekends, until the standings can be tallied at the end of the season.

Should the season progress without a wet weekend or any wet races, then a general vote will be held to award the trophy to the driver that is deemed “most Bill like”, so to speak.