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Sub-73 Club membership grows: NEW LAP RECORD set.

The ultimate time for a Historic Formula Ford around Hampton downs appears to be 73-seconds…however, a few drivers manage to break this barrier.  In 2011-12, only Dave Silverton and Phil Foulkes (in his Class II Van Diemen) managed to set a Sub-73.

However, this weekend, at the NZFMR Denny Hulme festival, Dave and Phil are no longer alone with an addition five new Sub-73 members…

  • From Christchurch, young Henry Thomas-Kircher promptly set a Sub-73 in qualifying, as well as setting another during a race.  His best time was a 72.920 second lap.
  • From the UK (but formerly of NZ), Alan Crocker was the first, and so far only, European driver to set a Sub-73, with a 72.830.
  • Tony Graham set three Sub-73’s over the weekend: 72.919, 72.545, and his best at 72.538.
  • Graeme Cameron also set three Sub-73’s: 72.881, 72.874, and his best at 72.799.

However, it only takes one lap to set a new Historic Formula Ford lap record for Hampton Downs, and with the time of 72.488 seconds Ben Field in his Class I Elden has set a NEW LAP RECORD.

Congratulations, Ben…you moved the bar by 2/10ths from the best time previously set by Phil Foulkes.

(Note: only the fastest lap time in any race or qualifying session has been used in the above analysis…drivers may (or may not) have set more than one Sub-73 in a race / qualifying session)