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Even MORE Racing!! NZFMR Confirms TWO Race Weekends

Good news on the race front.  Hot from the mail-inbox, is confirmation that the organisers of the NZ Festival of Motor Racing will accept Historic Formula Ford race entries for both weekends of the NZFMR 2012.

This follows confirmation that the Formula Juniors and Invited Formula 3 cars will now race on the first weekend, and not the second as previously advertised.

A quick look at the registrations of interest thus far show a grid of at least 24 cars on the first weekend, and upto 20 cars on the second.  This does not include some regular entrants whom have not yet registered interest to attend – personal emails have been sent to these drivers to nudge them along.  If these drivers reply in the affirmative, the grids may swell to 30-cars.

Jim Barclay of NZFMR also states that they are arranging quotes on marquees for pits.  Who would be interested in the use of a communal pit-tent similar to the one used in 2010?  For those of us that used the pit-tent in 2010, we stayed relatively dry when it bucketed down, and being able to keep the cars there for the weekdays between the race weekends made things just that little bit easier.  And it certainly made things look a little more professional too, even if spanners and wrenches were still laying about everywhere.  Don’t forget you can make comments below, so speak up!!