Historic Racing Sports Car Club

Formula Ford December 2009 Report

The last few weeks have absolutely flown by, I think they left me behind.

Our HRSCC Taupo event was again an extremely good fun meeting, Friday afternoon was a good lead up to the meeting with scrutineering and documentation done and followed by a very nice BBQ. Special thanks to those responsible for providing such a good wholesome meal and great company.

It was a thrill to have the “Vintage” guys at the meeting, I know we all hope that is the first of many to come. Also good to see Ray Hawke on the circuit

Sunday dawned fine, which set the tone for a good days racing. We had 12 Formula Fords on the grid and had F/Ford only races.

Because no race times are taken we all took turns at starting the front, rear and midway which is one of the features of the meeting.

We got in 5 races for the day, with no incidents apart from Vic’s tank slapper, Tony’s excursion off the end of the straight (probably from watching the Drifters on the other circuit) and a few minor woopsies.

Last weekend was TACCOC and our first outing on the fantastic Hampton Downs new circuit and “wow” what a great challenging circuit it is. With corners and drop offs like no other circuit in NZ.

We had 18 Formula Fords on the grid and have many more that will be joining us this season. (I know of 5 more cars that will be turning out)

We were privileged to welcome Don Bradley with his immaculate Crossle, who will give us all a hurry up if his first outing is anything to go by.

We all loved the new challenge and after each session the pit chatter was great.

I think the only incident was when Bruce Woottens car got stranded at the hairpin with the left rear wheel missing.( no damage apart from a broken axle, which proves the intense lateral forces encountered.) Strengthen your neck mussels

Qualifying and three eight lap races for the day was very satisfying and the meeting was run like clockwork, considering it was our first meeting at the venue.

I am most impressed with the entire track crew, headed by Bernard. They are all absolutely determined to assist in any way they can to make our racing enjoyable, safe and fun.

It might be the end of the year, but keep in mind it is under 4 weeks until our racing starts again with 4 weekends in a row. Make sure your cars are prepared and the little niggles you might have experienced have been resolved. Its not good enough to say “damn, I forgot to address that problem”.

The McLaren Festival is nearly upon us and I want to instill upon you all, that you will be running in fields greater than most of you have run in. Please exercise the discipline necessary when in such large fields, and remember there is no Formula 1 test up for grabs and that the event is exactly that; A FESTIVAL.

Have a very good Christmas and please drive safely. Look out for the idiot that could ruin yours and your family holiday and future.

Regards, Bruce