Historic Racing Sports Car Club

Formula Ford March 2010 Report

Once again we had an extremely good TACCOC event, this time at Hampton Downs. The meeting was very well run with a friendly, casual atmosphere, and the weather was fantastic, which gave us qualifying and three 8 lap races for the one day event.

We all had a great time and again enjoyed close racing and many hard fought battles, to the extent of a few excursions off track from trying too hard. I feel that the more outings we have at H/Downs the more we like the challenge, which is evident by the lower lap times being achieved.

Brent Rollinson has sold his lovely Lola ( and is already regretting it ) to Bruce Munro who we welcomed to our group. Bruce’s son Craig will campaign the Lola and Bruce will still run his Formula Junior. Its great to be able to welcome more to our group.

As our numbers increase we must be getting closer to having Formula Ford only races with all the clubs we race with. The more entries we get the more strength we give to our quest.

Our next meeting is on the 20/21st March at Hampton Downs, and the last meeting of the season is at Pukekohe on the 11th April.

Please get your entries in now. The more the merrier.

The chocolate fish are still up for grabs. Phil is out in front of both our series, but of course is only eligible to win one series. I list below the top 10 from each series.


Phil Foulkes 692
Martin Lucas 446
Vic Clarke 436
Michael Clark 427
Tony Cross 424
Bruce McCoy 422
Mike Hunter 401
Dave Silverton 364
Richard Cullen 266
Don Bradley 247

Michael Clark 317
Martin Lucas 304
Bruce McCoy 290
Vic Clarke 283
Mike Hunter 225
Tony Cross 224
Dave Silverton 220
Richard Cullen 200
Ron Wilkin 200
Don Bradley 160