Historic Racing Sports Car Club

TACCOC October Spring Classic – Sat 8th October 2011

The TACCOC Spring Classic saw a fine mid-spring day at Pukekohe Raceway. The Historic Formula Ford’s only had ten cars entered for this meeting, eight Class I cars, and two Class II cars. Making their season debut’s were Bruce McCoy (#13 Lola T342), Michael Clark (#32 Crossle 32F), and Phil Foulkes (#22 Van Diemen RF85).

Practise / qualification saw a spread of 7 seconds across the nine cars that took to the track. Mike Lee (#55 Mondiale M86S) pounded out 11 laps around Puke’, setting the pole time of 1:10.526.

Race 1 was over 8-laps, and was eventually won by Foulkes in a rampant 9:25.771, setting fastest lap for the weekend of 1:08.527 in the process, but not before a short battle with Dave Silverton (#43 PRS), who just 0.102 seconds adrift of Foulkes at the line, with Foulkes only taking the lead on the final lap. Mike Lee, whom had led for a period of the race, finished third 2.397 seconds behind Foulkes, but comfortably ahead of another tight grouping of three cars featuring Mike Creswell (#7 Lola T342), Vic Clarke (#911 Palliser WDF3) and Graham Dickie (#191 Begg FM3) whom were spread by a mere 0.873 seconds at the line.

Race 2, again over 8-laps was comfortably won by Silverton, finishing 13.533 seconds up on Michael Clark; himself only 0.201 seconds ahead of Foulkes in third. Vic Clarke and Graham Begg again finished within a blink of each other (0.06 seconds), with Ron Wilkin (#72 Elden PRH10) on their coat-tails, just 0.6-seconds behind them.

Race 3 was once more a Siverton victory, this time by 8.516 seconds. Silverton also set the Class I fastest lap in this race, with a 1:08.826. Foulkes raced home in second with a handy 4.5-second gap to Mike Creswell, who had his best placing of the weekend in third. Creswell however had Michael Clark right on his exhaust pipe, a mere 0.205-secs behind in fourth. Fifth was Mike Lee, whilst Ron Wilkin and Vic Clarke crossed the line in sixth and seventh respectively separated by a scant 0.014-seconds…

The Class leaders have changed around this weekend, with Dave Silverton taking charge in Class I, and Mike Lee moving atop the Class II table.

Championship Standings As at 8 October 2011 / TACCOC Spring Classic

Class I Current Leader: Dave Silverton
Class I Points:

  • 194 Dave Silverton (PRS)
  • 158 Mike Creswell (Lola T342)
  • 123 Graham Dickie (Begg)
  • 122 Ron Wilkin (Elden)
  • 108 Vic Clarke (Palliser)
  • 89 Michael Clarke (Crossle)
  • 79 Gerald Duncan (Cheetah)
  • 75 Tony Cross (Lola T340)
  • 65 Martin Lucas (Lotus)
  • 44 Bruce McCoy (Lola T342)
  • 40 Chris Fraser (Lola T340)
  • 31 Barry Thomas (Royale)
  • 26 Michael Hunter (Hawke)
  • 22 Richard Cullen (Van Diemen)

Class II Current Leader: Mike Lee
Class II Points:

  • 135 Mike Lee (Mondiale)
  • 122 Phil Foulkes (Van Diemen)
  • 80 Grant Campbell (Swift)
  • 65 Peter Boel (Swift)
  • 65 Lindsay Porter (Lola T644)

Fastest Laps: (number in () denotes Class number)

  • Dave Silverton(1) PRS 1:14.167 Icebreaker, Race 1, Hampton Downs, 24/09/11
  • Dave Silverton (1) PRS 1:08.826 TACCOC Spring Classic, Pukekohe, 08/10/11
  • Phil Foulkes (2) Van Diemen 1:08.527 TACCOC Spring Classic, Pukekohe, 08/10/11