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There was a recent thread on Apexspeed.com regarding Avon ACB9 tyres being available in three compounds.

The NZ distributor of Avon tyres in New Zealand, Paul Dold of Dold Industries has recently returned from Avon HQ and confirms that the reports out of the US were misleading and perhaps inaccurate.

Avon ACB9 in A25 compound  is the official FIA approved tyre for all European Classic Formula Ford events and in fact is used in most countries throughout the world. I believe also in Australia. РPaul Dold

Avon tyres have only been, and will continue to only be available in one compound, to generate a level playing field, so far as tyres go.  The only compound that will be available in New Zealand for Historic Formula Ford Racing is the A25 compound, and is the more durable of the two compounds available for the ACB9.

The thread on Apexspeed.com mentioned an A29 compound, that rumour had it, was manufactured to be identical to the Dunlop CR82.  However, this is not the case.

A29 compound is very hard and was originally designed for school cars in Italy. It is recommended for saloon car circuit slick applications. Its intended use was never for Classic Formula Ford racing. Of course you could use this compound and it would last a very long time. Problem being you will not have a lot of grip. The apparent savings could be false economy as the possibility of hanging the car on the fence could prove to be a lot more expensive. – Paul Dold

Historic Formula Ford Racing will continue to accept the use of the Dunlop CR82, the Avon ACB9 (preferred Class 1) and the Avon ACB10 (preferred Class 2).

Avon ACB 9