Historic Racing Sports Car Club

Sports Car Report #06.11

Hi Guys,


Well that’s a bit more like it we had 4 sports cars at this meeting but we still need to see more of you more often.

This was a Sunday only meeting, practice and four races in one day was pretty good.
Attending this time were Steve Sharpe Brain and I and Bill Clarkson who has purchased the Bill Stone Mk6 Mallock. Welcome Bill.

Bill had an excellent first day and after the obligatory spin he was away, by the 3rd race he was well on his way to being very competitive. Steve and Bill had a pretty trouble free day and Steve was the front runner in the three races. Brian and I had a fair bit of fun swapping places and generally enjoying the day. Both our cars were getting pretty hot though. In the second race I was having power loss problems which I put down to a loose ignition wire so retired early. I repaired that, unfortunately that wasn’t the problem and as I pulled off the dummy grid for race three the car died, turns out the problem was a faulty fuse to the fuel pump I recon I should be able to fix that by Easter. Brian was going well but spun at the hair pin in race three and then couldn’t get the car restarted so he finished on the tow rope. Steve had to tighten the generator bolts at lunch time so he was having big problems also. Bill was down in the covered pits but I think he basically had a trouble free day. So practice and three races in one day and no major problems makes for a good days racing I recon.

In the last newsletter I asked this question.

So think about this and let me know what you want.
At a 2 day meeting do we want to race all our races in one day?

Well the feedback was pretty conclusive, while we are happy with one day meetings for two day meets the majority want to spread the racing over the two days.

VCC/HRSCC Easter Hampton Downs.

Now it’s time for a big THANKYOU a fabulous turn out in every class and sports cars all over the places 9 in total with Bill Clarkson Mallock Mk6, Steve Sharp Lotus, Tony Herbert Lotus, Richard Wright Bowolf, Chris Havell Mallock Mk6, David Hawk MER, David Heron Sadler, and Brian Mallock Mk8 and I McRaeU2. Good close racing was had by all with the odd drama during the day.
David Hawk had his first outing in the MER and managed a few laps in a car that was only just ready for the track, still at least he had it there and will be back again with the car more complete and reliable soon.
Tony Herbert was having great fun in the little Lotus until the exhaust system came off in the sweeper leaving cars and exhaust parts diving all over the place.
Chris Havell had starter problems which ended his weekend.
David Heron was away on Saturday afternoon and didn’t return Sunday.
Steve Sharpe was the man to beat all weekend that is until the Lotus engine made some of those terrible terminal noises Steve thought it wasn’t too bad until we noticed a crack in the block. A sure sign that things inside are not pretty.
Richard Wright had a pretty trouble free weekend apart from the normal English engine oil leaks which we eventually got to the bottom of.
Bill Clarkson was going great guns, his first time at Hampton Downs and he is well on the pace. Only Steve was able to beat him and the rest of us couldn’t get near him in the ex Bill stone Mallock, it wasn’t for a wont of trying either. Bill is going to be a real contender for the championship next year. If there was a prize from the biggest smile he would get that already as he walks around with a permanent smile from ear to ear and recons (and I quote) “this is the best thing I have ever done”
Brian spent the weekend chasing a miss which turned out to be the distributor hitting the bonnet in the hairpin only.
I had a bit of an overheating problem that we cured with the replacement of the head gasket. When the car just died by the pit entrance a replaced fuel pump cured that problem. Bill Stone observed that I was a bit loose in the rear and I pointed out the now slick used FF Avon’s on the car and said maybe two seasons on a used set of tyre’s was too much, still not bad value at the price (free) so I recon another set is the go.

The latest points are attached, as we stopped counting points at the TACCOC Puke round the season winner is……… BILL STONE, well done Bill. Brian is second this year and Steve Sharpe third. Congratulation’s to you all.

Alan Service. Mc Rae U2. Sports Car coordinator