Historic Racing Sports Car Club

Sports Car Report #2.11

Hi Guys,

TACCOC at Hampton Downs 7th November 5 sports car in the historic grid a good turn out for a day’s racing. Practice was full over drama for Brian and I. Brian’s front wheel nuts came off but he managed to keep the wheel on with only one nut and returned to the pit on the back of the tow truck. I had a plug lead come out of the distributor cap (twice) so had a couple of visits to the pits during practice, but other than that the new engine seemed to be ok. However I was having trouble with gear selection. Bill Stone, Steve Sharpe and Ray Hawke all seemed to have a good practice with Bill setting the pace closely followed by Steve.

Race 1 was won by Bill with a very exciting battle with Steve for the first place the lead swapped a couple of times but Bill managed to take out the win at the line. Brian’s race was pretty good also but he was off the pace of the first two. Ray seemed to be enjoying himself in the MER and finished the race with no problems. I however noticed a bit of clutch slip on the warm up lap and when the flag dropped I left the clutch on the start finish line and my day was done a shame as I was looking forward to seeing how the new engine went.

Race two saw Bill and Steve once again in a battle for the lead with Brian catching until his engine went off. Ray came in on the tow rope after the engine just stopped so it was on the trailer for him. Turns out Brian’s problem was one of the carb floats had fallen off so his day was also done.

Race three saw only two sports cars left Bill and Steve continuing the battle for the sports car and race win honors in what seemed to be a very entertaining and reliable days racing from the two of them.

Bill has certainly made his intention clear with regards to the sports car championship this year and its starting to look like we may have a new name on the trophy by the end of the season. Still it is early days yet so who Know’s.

MG Manfield next but I won’t be there so someone else will have to write the report. Brian recons it’s down to the winner on the day.

Well that’s about it HRSCC Taupo is on the 4 & 5th December get your entries in now

See you all there.

Alan Service
Sports Car Co-ordinator, McRae U2. Albo@woosh.co.nz