Historic Racing Sports Car Club

Taupo Newsletter 2

The Sports Car boys seemed to have a great time at the MG Classic race meeting at Manfeild at the weekend. Plenty of racing and action on and off the track.

I have put a notice on www.eventfinder.co.nz and to date we have had 183,709 hits, so we might get some spectators!

Mallock Sports have given us their blessing and have sent us some items for display and for prizes. One could be for the person who travelled the furthest. Will it be Gary Tansey Mallock Mk 6, Dunedin; Errol Norris, Christchurch: Nev Mckay, Macau or Adrian Reynard, Spain, but on holiday in Guadeloupe?

Adrian has a long association with Mallocks, being in business with Bill at Sabre Automotive when they made components for U.2.’s in the early days. (The company later became Reynard Racing Cars). Adrian knows New Zealand pretty well as he raced the Cuda Formula Atlantic car in the North Island Tasman series in 1981.

The Mallock Club website has a new edition of still photos that people can add to or make comments on which is fun see http://www.mallockclub.com under Mallock Gallery. Our event even gets a mention, so plenty of interest out there.

I will send you a similar photo for you to identify and comment on.

p.s. Thanks for all your replies and suggestions for tyres for Gavin Bateman. He is now sorted.

Best wishes,

Susanne Stone nee Mallock.